Filming of The Seventh Son Movie

Amazingly, one of the most exciting things Randy has done as a tour operator, did not get posted!!  🙂 Life gets busy and it isn’t until later when a person has a chance to breathe that you remember some of the “other stuff”. In 2012 Randy was contacted by Warner Bros.  They were looking at…

Still Standing Filming in Tumbler Ridge

Still Standing visited Tumbler Ridge in April 2016. Here’s a few photos from our experience with their crew.

Still Standing follows Canadian comedian Jonny Harris as he sets off across the country once more, veering off the main highway to discover the hidden comedy in Canada’s far-flung small towns. Each week, Jonny takes a hilarious and heart-warming journey to find humour in the unlikeliest of places — small towns on the ropes. After immersing himself in the lives of local characters and unearthing the tall tales in these tiny towns, Jonny delivers a rousing original stand-up comedy routine — a toast, not a roast — for the whole community.