Amazingly, one of the most exciting things Randy has done as a tour operator, did not get posted!!  🙂

Life gets busy and it isn’t until later when a person has a chance to breathe that you remember some of the “other stuff”.
In 2012 Randy was contacted by Warner Bros.  They were looking at doing a movie right at Kinuseo Falls.  Well, parts of a movie anyways.
It started with a tour with key people from the movie.  He then stayed in talks with them and then helped to coordinate an actual movie shoot.
Randy and 6 other boats were part of making the movie shoot happen.  There is quite a bit involved in carting actors and workers to the bottom of Kinuseo Falls.  It happened over two days and was quite a learning experience.  Million dollar cameras and cool weather and the excitement of being part of making a movie!
The movie is The Seventh Son and stars Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore.  Ben Barnes and Alicia Vikander were the two stars that were here for the filming.

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